How to factory reset Formuler devices?

Here is the simpliest instruction on how to restore Formuler devices to factory settings?


  • Factory resetting the device will delete⚡ all user data and restore the system back to factory state.
  • Please write down any information you need prior to the factory reset, 
    because otherwise all personal data, files and settings may not be recovered.
  • Do NOT⚡ remove the power from the device during this procedure.

Please follow the steps below to restore your Formuler back to factroy state.


💡Home Menu method From Setting menu

📝Applicable models : ✅Z nano
  • Go to MYTVOnline Home > System > System > Factory Reset > Enter the pin > Factory Reset
📝Applicable models : ✅Z+     ✅Zprime  ✅Z7+     ✅Z7+ 5G     ✅Zx     ✅Zx 5G
  • Go to Home > Settings (gear icon) > System > Factory Reset > Enter the pin > Factory Reset
📝Applicable models : ✅Z8    ✅Z Alpha
  • Go to Home > Android Settings > Storage & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Enter pin > Factory Reset 
  • 💬 You can do easy backup using backup & restore tool before the factory reset

💡Built-in & USB method / Manual Factory reset

In case you are not able to access setting menu for factory reset, 

restoring to factory conditions is still possible with following maunal tools. 

📝Applicable models : ✅Z       ✅Z nano    ✅Z+     ✅Z Prime   👉 How to factory reset manually?
📝Applicable models : ✅Z7+   ✅Z7+ 5G   ✅Zx      ✅Zx 5G   👉 How to factory reset manually?
📝Applicable models : ✅Z8     ✅Z Alpha   👉 How to factory reset manually?

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