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How to resolve error code 7, 403?
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If you encounter Error code 7, 403,
Try the troubleshooting steps below.


📝Applicable models: ✅ All models


The reason why you see "Error Code 7" is because of a connection failure between your device and service.


Read through the steps below to troubleshoot your issue.


💡 If the error occurred the very first time you tried to connect to the service... 

  1. Make sure that your internet connection is working by checking another app like Youtube on your Formuler device
  2. Check if the portal URL is input correctly
    -. Try to input portal url in any web-browser to verify if the URL you use is correct and accessible

    -. Ask your service provider for the correct portal URL
  3. Make sure that you gave a correct MAC-ID that starts with 00:1A:... to your service provider in case you use Stalker portal connection 
    -. ID is shown on the sticker at the bottom of the device or on the screen where you input portal URL
  4. Contact your service provider and ask if your service is valid and correctly activated for your
    -. MAC-ID: 00:1A:... or your credentials: Username/Password or your M3U playlist
  5. If your M3U playlist works, try XC api login by converting your M3U long url to XC API credential


💡 If the service was working well before but now you see the Code 7 error... 

  1. Make sure that your internet connection is stable enough and other apps like Youtube work well
  2. Contact your service provider and ask if your home IP is banned/blocked or if your account is locked
  3. Go to Portal edit screen where you input your service info and check if anything has changed
  4. Input your portal URL in any web-browser using your phone or PC and verify that the URL is correct
    -. It should load a web-page without any error and accessible from your home network


⚡Please additionally refer to and check Network issue check points.

⚡Please also refer to following article for your information 👉 MYTVOnline Portal Setup Guide 




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