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folder-icon Compatible USB ATSC / DVB-T tuner list folder-icon Default pin code (0000) and parental pin folder-icon Feature: Skip Ahead folder-icon Formuler Z7+ USB WiFi adapter compatibility list folder-icon Formuler Z/Prime/Plus/Nano USB WiFi adapter compatibility list folder-icon Formuler Z Prime/Z USB Bluetooth Compatibility List folder-icon How to add keyboard language / input special characters? folder-icon How to cast Android or iOS device to the Formuler device? folder-icon How to change launcher background images on different App groups folder-icon How to connect WiFi requiring web page login (e.g. hotel wifi) folder-icon How to convert long m3u to XC API Portal folder-icon How to delete pictures that are saved to internal storage folder-icon How to format the USB with Z8 Pro, CC, Z8, Z Alpha, Z+ Neo folder-icon How to install multiple APK files into Formuler device at once folder-icon How to kill / shutdown apps running in the background ? folder-icon How to navigate mobile apps using your FORMULER BT1 or IR1 remote folder-icon How to pair Bluetooth device to FORMULER? folder-icon How to pair the PlayStation controller to FORMULER? folder-icon How to rename a Bluetooth accesorry on Formuler devices? folder-icon How to rename Formuler devices? folder-icon how to reset device setting lock? folder-icon How to set up soundbar / AVR? folder-icon How to set up the recording to a NAS? folder-icon How to share Formuler device folder with a PC (samba)? folder-icon How to sideload MYTVOnline+ folder-icon How to turn off / exit from safe mode? folder-icon How to use Netflix, Why it is not working well folder-icon Portal test Apps (STB EMU / IPTV Smarters) to compare with Mytvonline folder-icon Remote D-pad/Direction button is not working with certain apps. Alternative solutions? folder-icon Smart Youtube tv app is an alternative when Youtube app doesn't work folder-icon [S Series] How to change the audio track for DVB channels folder-icon [S Series] How to mount a network drive & set the Recording device folder-icon What is Buffer option and How to adjust it in Mytvonline? folder-icon What is the Key icon on the home screen and MYTVOnline2? folder-icon Where to purchase a replacement antenna for Z8 folder-icon Which Remote App can I use instead of original formuler remote?
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