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Troubleshoot freezing/buffering/stutter issue on MYTVOnline
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The freezing/buffering/stutter issue on MYTVOnline can be caused by various external issues.
Check the following items to troubleshoot your freezing/buffering/stutter issue.


📝Applicable models: ✅ All models

💡 1. Basic Checks

  • Software version: Check if your device is Up-To-Date.
  • Try to test other IPTV service providers and check if the issue persists.
  • Try to connect your device with your Mobile Hotspot and check if the issue persists.
  • Disable DHCP and set a Static IP (Settings > Network Settings > IP Settings > Static) and check if there's a difference.
  • Enable or Disable IPv6 option in Settings (Settings > Ipv6 option) and check if there's a difference.
  • Factory reset the device and check if there are any changes. 👉 How to factory reset

💡 2. IPTV Service Provider Check

  • Contact your IPTV service provider 
  • Contact your service provider if there is any issues on your service. (explain your problem)
  • Ask for another Service Portal Type among these(MAC or XC or M3U) for your account and try to set up and use it instead. 
    e.g. If you use MAC connection, ask your service provider to give you XC API account and test it with Mytvonline.
  • Test other IPTV service providers
  • Change IPTV service providers or test some other IPTV service providers that provide free trial accounts
  • Picture freezing might be caused by IPTV service quality or network condition. 
    Please check if you have the same issue with other IPTV services. 
  • Test other devices, other apps and compare 
  • Test with other devices, other apps, tools (STB EMU, IPTV Smarters, etc)  and check if  the same problem happens. (compare with Mytvonline)


💡 3. Internet service provider Check

   If the above are not the root of the issue, the freezing/buffering/stutter issue is mostly caused by ISP (Internet Service Provider) side.


  • Test other network environment, devices, and apps
  • Try to test under different network environment. Test the device at places with different internet provider.
  • Test another router modem by asking your internet provider.
  • Test Youtube app and check if the same problem happens.
  • Test with other devices, other apps, tools (STB EMU, IPTV Smarters, etc)  and check if  the same problem happens. (if not done previously)
  • Disconnect a VPN
  • VPN can slow down the Internet speed.
  • If you're using a VPN, disconnect the VPN and then Try MYTVOnline again.

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