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What is Buffer option and How to adjust it in Mytvonline?

The "Buffer Time" settings controls
the amount of time the stream will buffer after changing channels and the channel has loaded.

People expect channel changes to be instand and quick.
This settings only takes effect after zapping to a certain channel.
You can adjust the setting from

  • Mytvonline1 > Menu > Settings > Buffer time
  • Mytvonline 2 > Menu > Settings > Player Options > Buffer time

There is No BEST Setting, since it depends on your location and network conditions.

If connection to your service works great and you have very good network.

Adjust it to a lower number 0-1-2

If you have high latency, high ping, vpn or not so good ISP and network.

Adjust it to a higher number >10

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  • 12-Aug-2020