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How to kill / shutdown apps running in the background ?
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When you want to shutdown all background apps, you can simply use shortcut keys below.


📝Applicable models: ✅ All models

  • Please note that closing background apps would not save much of your data and memory.
  • Normally used apps are running  background to help you switch things in and out quickly for smooth performance.

💡 How To [with Remote] : MENU

  • Like normal android device does, 
  1. You can bring up the task manager by Pressing Holding MENU key on the remote.
  2. Kill running apps by pressing UP on the remote.


💡 How To [with keyboard] : ALT + TAB

  • You can also use this function with Keyboard when you do not have remote with you.
  1. Press and Hold ALT key
  2. While holding down the ALT key, press the TAB key once, so that Background apps can be displayed.
  3. To Kill apps, continue holding the ALT key and press UP or DOWN button key.



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