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What are the three gauges on the info bar on Mytvonline? (Buffer gauge, Buffer bar)

* * * **T**he three blue/white gauges on screen in Mytvonline are buffer bars. 📝Applicable models: ✅ All models * * * **💡 When they are filled: ** * It means that it has stable network connection. Some data are loaded in advance to minimize buffering. * Stream keeps going on when internet is disconnected ti…

What is Buffer option and How to adjust it in Mytvonline?

* * * The "**Buffer Time**" settings controls the amount of time the stream will buffer after changing channels and the channel has loaded. People expect channel changes to be instand and quick. This settings only takes effect after zapping to a certain channel. **You can adjust the setting from** * Mytvonline…

Troubleshoot freezing/buffering/stutter issue on MYTVOnline

* * * **T**he **freezing/buffering/stutter** issue on MYTVOnline can be caused by various external issues. Check the following items to troubleshoot your **freezing/buffering/stutter** issue. 📝Applicable models: ✅ All models * * * _💡 **1. Basic Checks**_ * Software version: [Check if your device is Up-To-Date…

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