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[Manual Factory reset] Formuler Zx, Z7+, S Series(Smini, Sturbo)
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Please refer to below Manual Factory reset instructions.

📝Applicable models : ✅Smini ✅Sturbo ✅Z7+ ✅Z7+5G ✅Zx ✅Zx5G

💡 [Built-in Method]
💬 _The method below works on newly manufactured devices. (_Firmware 1.2.71 or higher)

  1. Remove power from the device
  2. While repeatedly pressing RED button(🚨NOT Recording ) on the remote, Insert power into the device
    Press the RED button repeatedly, don't hold it down.
  3. The status LED on the front of the device will flash quickly alternating from green to red.
  4. Stop pressing the RED button and press 1 on the remote
  5. The device will initiate the factory reset procedure
  6. Do not remove power to the device.
  7. Wait until the reset procedure is completed
  8. The reset procedure is complete when you see the Setup Assistant on the TV screen

💡 Video Instruction

💡 [USB Method] 💬 The Method that works for all above models (even including Z8, Zalpha)

  1. Check update.ird file integrity before proceeding
    (Download "" file from the right bottom of this page --->)
  2. Copy update.ird to USB root (Use formatted USB with the NTFS file system)
  3. Power off device
  4. Insert USB into device
  5. Power on device while repeatedly pressing the CH-UP button on the RCU. Press the CH-UP button repeatedly, don't hold it down.
  6. Update progress bar appears on the screen. Stop pressing the CH-UP button
  7. Wait for the progress bar to reach 100%. The device will reboot automatically when finished.

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