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How to use PIP (picture in picture) feature in Mytvonline 2?
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PIP (Picture in picture) is a function that allows users to watch two different programmes simultaneously.This means you can view a channel in full screen and another image source in a smaller window at the same time.


📝Applicable models: ✅ Mytvonline 2 Models

🚨 Following conditions need to be met in order for you to use the PIP feature in Mytvonline 2:

  1. Supported services and channels to function PIP
  2. You must be connected to your service provider using XC API (username/password) or m3u
    💬 PiP is not supported on MAC-ID connection type
  3. Your account with your service provider must support multi-connections on the account in question
    💬 Contact your service provider for more details


  1. Make sure that the above conditions are met. If yes, you will see the PiP icon below the info bar
  2. In Live TV, press the 'INFO button' on the remote
  3. Press the PIP icon at the bottom right of the screen
  4. Now you can see PIP enabled on your TV

⚡ Swap / change PIP channels

  • To swap channels between the two screens, 'long-press the RED button' on the remote
  • To switch channels of PIP sub-screen, 'long-press OK and change the channels' accordingly





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