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How to program FORMULER Remote?
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FORMULER Remote Learning Mode Guide is also provided on the back side or inside of battery cover of original remotes.

📝Applicable models: ✅ All models

Models that come with a learning remote can learn the IR codes of other devices such as TV, stereo, and etc.




You will need your original remote of the other device. Please follow steps below.


  1. Press and hold TV button for 5 seconds on Formuler remote 
    - The LED goes from blinking to solid as your Formuler remote enters Learning Mode
  2. Press the button to be programmed on Formuler remote. When LED begins blinking slowly, the button is ready to be programmed
  3. Aim both remote's heads toward each other (distance less than 3cm) and press the button to be transferred on the TV remote
    - If it is programmed correctly, Formuler remote's LED will blink 3 times
  4. You may repeat steps 1-3 for other keys
  5. Exit Learning Mode by pressing any other button on your Formuler remote, LED will turn off



  • If your TV is only compatible with RF remote, Formuler IR remote cannot be programmed
  • Some TV remotes are compatible with Formuler devices
    e.g. LG Magic Remote will work with Formuler devices after setting up from Device Connector
  • For the GTV-BT1 remote, please refer to the video tutorial link below
    How to Setup your remote for TV control - Formuler BT1 remote

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