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"No information" on channels in Electronic Program Guide (EPG)?

* * * 📝Applicable models: ✅ All models * * * **💡 "No information" on channels in EPG** * Refer to the article below to see if it helps. * ** _[(Click Me) How to set EPG mode and adjust offset?][1]_** * If the above article does not solve the "no information" issue_,_ Please **​​​​direct your inquiry to*…

How to activate, connect service? What to put portal URL? Content-related questions?

* * * **💡 DISCLAIMER** Regarding portals, subscription services, playlists, TV channels: * **Formuler devices should only be used for lawful and legal purposes.** * Formuler is a device manufacturer. Formuler does NOT provide any media contents or subscription TV services. * Formuler does NOT provide any adv…

How to set up scheduled recording?

* * * To record channels, you need a USB drive (dongle or external hard drive, etc.) to store recordings. 💬 [What's the Maximum supported storage][1] and recording time? * It depends on the capacity of the connected external drive and bitrate of the stream to be recorded. * * * ## 💡 **HOW TO** Please follow th…

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