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Subscribe to Official Formuler YouTube Channel

* * * ## **To be **notified * When Formuler posts a new instructional, * or feature demonstration video, * or to see all the videos in this section and many more.... Head over to **[FORMULER OFFICIAL][1]** and click the **Subscribe** button. [![][2]][3] [1]: (Formuler You…

How to set up portals on MYTVOnline? (MAC-ID / XC / M3U)

* * * 📝Applicable models: ✅ All models * * * **🚨 IMPORTANT !!** > * Formuler device does not include any contents. Formuler is a device manufacturer, not a contents provider. > * Portal URL is what your service provider provides to you after you subscribe to service. Formuler [can not provide you with any U…

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