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installation of 3rd party apps on Z nano

* * * **Z** **nano** is the most compact model among our devices, which is designed mainly for Mytvonline. 📝Applicable models: ✅ Znano * * * **H**owever, still there are some necessary apps available in mini home market. Except for those, _other 3rd party apps can't be installed;_ * For the best performance of…

How to install multiple APK files into Formuler device at once

* * * Please find below Tip for easy installation of **MULTIPLE APK FILES**. 📝Applicable models : ✅ All models except for **Znano** * * * 1. Download APK file(s) to your computer. 2. Insert your USB drive to PC and create a folder named **“APKS”**. (Case **NOT** sensitive) 3. Copy APK file(s) and paste the …

How to install / download apps?

* * * **T**here are some ways that you can install apps on Formuler device. _**💡 Apps from Home Market**_ * You can find and install apps from the Market app. (Home > Market) * There are apps/versions which are most compatible with our box. * They are selected and requested apps from customers' choice of comm…

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