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How to install / download apps?
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There are some ways that you can install apps on Formuler device.


💡 Apps from Home Market

  • You can find and install apps from the Market app. (Home > Market)
  • There are apps/versions which are most compatible with our box.
  • They are selected and requested apps from customers' choice of common use. 
  • So, only a selected number of apps are available.

💡 Apps from Google Play Store

  • You can also find and install apps from Google Play Store with your own account.
  • Go to Home > Market > install and use Google Play Store app.
  • In case remote doesn't work well, please use mouse cursor button on remote

💡 Side-load an app

  • You can also install an app by side-loading. 
  • Format an external drive like USB dongle with NTFS file system.
  • Find and download an app with an APK file format to your PC.
  • Save the downloaded file into the USB drive.
  • Insert the USB drive into your device.
  • Go to Home > File Manager/File Browser app and install the app.

💬 Z nano

  • Z nano is not equipped with google playstore nor normal Home Market. Please refer to this KB article.

💬 For 3rd party apps,

  • Please note that certain apks/apps or versions may not be fully compatible with Formuler devices.




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