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Device turns off when the option is not set? Playback limit, Inactivity settings

IF the device turns off after certain run-time even though sleep option is not set.
This may happen due to "Playback Limit" settings.

📝Applicable models: ✅ All models

Playback Limit option is to turn the device off from the connection to the server, when there is no user intervention after certain set time.

Please check and try the things below if you want to disable it.

💡 Playback Limit option in Settings

  • Go to MYTVOnline 1 & 2 > Settings > Playback limit
  • Check if any value is set there. If you do not want, select OFF

💡 Playback Limit from service provider side

  • If Playback Limit option is off but your device still goes to sleep mode, 
    or if you are not able to turn it off and it is shown greyed or not shown at all,
    That must be due to the configuration by your service provider.
  • Please contact your service provider and explain what happens.

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  • 11-Dec-2020