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What is Catch-up/Replay feature and how to use it?

Catch-up is the feature that service providers continuously record a channel on their side, allowing users to watch the content without having to record anything. Availability of Catch up TV is dependent on your service provider.
If supported, channels with catch-up are indicated with the "small red symbol" next to their channel name, and you can access it with Mytvonline in any one of the following ways:


📝Applicable models: ✅ All models

⚡ From Single EPG View

  1. Start Mytvonline and bring up channel list by pressing OK button
  2. Go over a channel that has a 'catch-up icon' and go to Single EPG view
  3. Single EPG view can be open by pressing 'Right arrow on remote D-pad' when Info bar is displayed or from channel list directly
    If info bar disappears, press the 'INFO button' on the remote, and then press the Right arrow
  4. Navigate to the past date and time or program you wish to replay
  5. Press OK to start viewing the catch-up program

⚡ From Grid EPG View

  1. Start Mytvonline and bring up the grid EPG by pressing the EPG/Guide button on the remote
  2. Navigate to the past date and time or program you wish to replay
    Only the program guide with 'catch-up icon' can be replayed
  3. Press OK to start viewing the catch-up program
  • 💬 Mytvonline 2: 'Show catch up in Grid EPG' option should be enabled for this.
          Mytvonline 2 > Menu > Connections > Current portal - Edit > Scroll down to the bottom and check View catchup in Grid EPG


  • Only available on supported services and channels by your service provider
  • Not possible with m3u playlist method
  • Content being shared has a limited shelf life
  • Typically lasts for 1-14days, but it depends on the service which you use

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