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How to record current program / channel?

To record channels, you need a USB drive (dongle or external hard drive, etc.) to store recordings.
💬 What's Maximum supported storage and recording time?

  • It depends on the capacity of the connected external drive and bitrate of the stream to be recorded.

Please follow the steps below to record a current program.


📝Applicable models: ✅ All models

  1. Insert a correctly formatted USB into your Formuler
  2. In Live TV, go over a channel you want to record
  3. or Bring up the grid EPG by pressing the EPG/Guide button on the remote and go over a channel
  4. Press the RECORD (button(small round red button) on the remote
  5. When the recording works, you will see recording is progressing on the right top of the screen

⚡ Adjust current recording duration.

  1. Press the RECORD (button on the remote while recording
  2. Recording Details window will show up
  3. Now you can set a recording duration

After finishing recording, please refer to following article for 👉 How to access, delete the recordings? 

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