Programming the learning remote

Models that come with a learning remote have the ability to learn the IR codes of your TV (or other devices like your stereo).

To do this you will need your other devices original remote and follow the instruction on the back of your remote or as follows;

1. Press and hold TV for 5 seconds.  The LED will change from blinking to solid as your formuler remote enters a learning remote.

2.Press the key you want to reprogram on your formuler remote

3. Aim your other devices directly at the front of your formuler remote  *within 3cm, If the button programs correctly your Formuler remote will blink 3 times.

3a. You may repeat steps 2-3 to reprogram another key.

4. Exit learning mode by pressing any other button on your formuler remote, the LED will turn off to confirm.

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  • 29-Jan-2019