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How to setup Watchlist? - MYTVOnline 3
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With the new Watchlist function, you can access to your favorite channel and the program faster.

Channel that contains the programs added to Watchlist will appear in Watchlist group on airtime

ūüí° HOW TO

Please follow the steps below to schedule Watchlist.

ūüďĚApplicable models: ‚úÖ MYTVOnline¬†3 models
  1. Bring up the grid EPG list by pressing the EPG/Guide button on the remote
  2. Navigate to a future program you want to register in Watchlist. 
  3. Press the GREEN hotkey or 'OK button' on the remote and select 'Add to Watchlist' 
  4. Wait for the events to start. You will also receive a notification when your watchlist items are about to start.
  5. A new dynamic TV group appears in the Category list that only contains channels that are playing your flagged events from your saved watchlist

  6. Select the new watchlist category.

  7. Now you can quickly switch between channels of your watchlist events that are playing at the same time

  8. To remove the channel from Watchlist, Press OK button one more time -> Click Remove from Watchlist
  • ūüí¨ Without EPG data, Watchlist¬†can't be set in MYTVOnline¬†3.

  • ūüí¨¬†You can also manage the Watchlist schedule from 'MYTVOnline 3¬†> Menu > Schedule> Watchlist'¬†menu.

ūüí°Watchlist Timeshift

  • You¬†can still watch the program in Watchlist anytime you want even after¬†the program that you set in¬†Watchlist is finished
  • Menu -> Schedule Manager -> Watchlist -> Select program -> Start Timeshift

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