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[Video Guide] MYTVOnline2 - How to setup a USB tuner

* * * 📝Applicable models: ✅ Mytvonline 2 Models * * * 💡 _**Learn how to setup a USB tuner in MYTVOnline2**_ * * * **IF** this doesn't answer your doubts or you want to search more information, Please take a look at threads in our forum [**FORMULER FORUM**][1] Or click **TAGS **on the right side of this page. * …

Compatible USB ATSC / DVB-T tuner list

* * * 📝Applicable models: ✅MYTVOnline 2 & 3 models * * * **💡 INFO** * The following USB ATSC / DVB-T tuners are compatible with MYTVOnline2 models **💡For North American ATSC OTA broadcasts** Model Name Device ID GTV Z11 Series Z10 Series Z8 Series including CC, Z Alpha, Z+Neo [ATSC] Hauppauge **WinTV-H…

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