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Notifications - MYTVOnline 3
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This new feature provides an overview of alerts from MYTVOnline 3. It displays notifications to help users to understand the update status and to build TV schedule.


📝Applicable models: ✅ MYTVOnline 3 Models


A notification message is displayed at the bottom right of the screen after the following events are completed

  • New software update: "Software update available"
  • Message from a portal: "Message from [Portal name]"
  • Refresh: "New content has arrived"
  • Recording start/end: "Recording started/finished [Event name] of [channel name]"
  • Watchlist: "[Event name] starting on [channel name]"

👉You can also check these messages in Notifications in the main menu


if you want to hide popup notifications, turn off Notifications popups option in Settings

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