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Data Sync - MYTVOnline 3
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ūüďĚApplicable model: ‚úÖMYTVOnline 3

ūüí° How to


‚ö° Contents data

  • Contents Refresh can be done by pressing Refresh button
  • All connected portal's content will be refreshed
  • When the refresh is finished, the message "New content has arrived" is displayed
  • Refresh contents data is completed by pressing the "Refresh Contents" button on the menu or restarting MYTVOnline 3


‚ö° EPG data

  • Update EPG: Update EPG data of all portals
  • Clear EPG:¬†Delete EPG data of all portals¬†(The saved EPG data will be lost)
  • Clear and Update EPG: Delete and Update EPG data of all portals


‚ö° Auto Update Settings

   1. Schedule Data Refresh Settings

  • You can refresh the content data every day at any time you want
  • Activate the Schedule Refresh option and select the desired time
  • The following items will be refreshed: TV Channels, Radio,¬†VOD, TV Series

   2. Automatic Update Settings

  • Update Interval: You can select the interval. EPG data is refreshed every¬†interval you set
  • EPG data storage: You can select the period to save the EPG data. The past EPG data for the selected day is saved, and the EPG data is deleted before that

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